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Two Carbon works at the intersection of graphene and product innovation for the outdoor and active market

We develop graphene applications in new products designed and engineered
for brands seeking next-generation innovation.

Our expertise is within the Outdoor Product and active market.

  • Two Carbon polyester is strong, conductive and dissipates heat.
  • Our coatings are durable with exceptional abrasion resistance.
  • Our Two Carbon rubber/footwear solutions are stronger, more abrasion resistant, and stickier than current rubber compounds.

For those brands dedicated to material and product innovation, Two Carbon provides an opportunity to enable graphene product development.

Graphene Textiles – Outdoor

Two Carbon is innovating the yarn and textile space, working on next-generation yarn and fabric technology delivering a wide range of attributes including heat dissipation, moisture management, anti-bacterial, and conductive properties.

Graphene Rubber and Footwear

Our Two Carbon outsole delivers greater abrasion performance without and decrease in adhesion, effectively bringing double-digit increased durability to traditional footwear compounds.

Graphene Apparel

Applying our expertise in apparel, we’re working on next-generation solutions to manage heat and deliver a unique cooling textile.

Graphene Coatings – Gloves

Two Carbon is pioneering next-generation coatings for use in handwear, providing increased performance, less bulk, and greater abrasion resistance than current compounds.

Graphene Trivia

Graphene is one atom thick! It’s 200x stronger than steel. Graphene is more conductive than copper.
And Two Carbon is pioneering these performance attributes into outdoor and active market products.